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Current Dealers or Dealers interested in offering Subprime Loans / Special Financing

Current dealers offering special financing can learn more about SAL's latest available options. We also provide new dealers with information about our subprime lending options.

Consumer Subprime Loans
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Designed with our customers in mind we created an area to provide you with information such as online payments, how to repair bad credit tips and all of our contact information.


Our Agents

If you are an agent of Security Auto Loans please select the image above to continue. Access to this division of our web site provides our agents with the latest sub prime lending / special financing information available.

Dealers interested in offering special financing / sub prime lending:

We specialize in the subprime special financing field helping dealers offer financing to individuals with damaged credit.

We have 25 years of experience in the subprime auto finance industry working with dealerships large and small, urban and rural, franchised and independent. This wide variety and our years of experience with special finance / subprime financing has taught us a thing or two about developing good working relationships with dealers. We recognize that one subprime flavor does not suit all dealers, therefore, we have adopted four dealer subprime programs to choose from. Multiple special financing programs coupled with a flexible and personal approach to conducting business means that you do not need to change your business to work with us. To sign up go to our subprime dealer application packet.

Customers looking to get special finacing for their auto loan:

Security Auto Loans is a sub prime finance company located in New Hope Minnesota. We are in the business of helping individuals with less than perfect credit obtain special financing. We are here to give you an opportunity to get back on track with your credit rating. We only work through car dealers and we are licensed in Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. We know the best way to reestablish your credit is with an installment loan paid as agreed. We have been in business for 11 years offering sub prime loans and have helped over 19,000 people with an auto loan. We report your timely payments to all three credit bureaus and have a staff dedicated to helping you succeed.

For more information about how special financing works or to find a dealership signed up on our program call 763-559-5892. Leaders in automotive dealership subprime lending / special financing lending.

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